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      acrylate; adhesive; electron beam; epoxy; IPN; thermoset [1]
      Adhesion; Composites; Peel Ply; Plasma Treatment; Surface Analysis [1]
      Adhesion; Fiber-reinforced composites; Peel ply; Surface preparation [1]
      Adsorption; Graphene field effect transistor; Graphite-binding peptide; Solution-exfoliated graphene [1]
      Aerospace engineering [3]
      Aerospace Engineering; Field Reversed Configuration; Materials Science; Plasma Material Interactions; Plasma Physics; Solid State Physics [1]
      Algorithms; Place and Route; Simulated Annealing; Software [1]
      Alternative energy [1]
      Anisotropic Materials; Discrete Element Simulations; Freeze-Casting; Fuel Cell; Hierarchical Porosity; Porous Microstructures [1]
      Antimicrobial coating; Biomaterials; Biomimetics; Bio-nano interfaces; Biosensors; Nanobiotechnology [1]
      battery; energy storage; lithium-ion; sodium-ion; vanadium oxide [1]
      Biochemistry [1]
      Biocompatibility; Cancer Marker; Graphene; Peptide; Sensor; Surface [1]
      Bioinspired; chitin nanofibers; mechanical properties; natural biocomposites; self assembly; tissue engineering [1]
      Biomedical engineering [7]
      biomedical; Imaging; in vivo; Magnetic; nanoparticle [1]
      bioprotonics; charge transfer; field effect transistor; memory device; pH control [1]
      bit patterned media; magnetic recording; magnetism; MQCA logic; nanoimprint lithography; single domain limit [1]
      Boron; Ceramics; Nuclear; Polymer Derived Ceramics; Radiation; Silicon Carbide [1]
      Brownian motion; laser refrigeration; laser tweezer; nanoparticle; optical trap; photothermal heating [1]