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    • Cornered Asymptotically Hyperbolic Metrics 

      McKeown, Stephen Edward
      This thesis considers asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds that have a finite boundary in addition to the usual infinite boundary – cornered asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds. A theorem of Cartan-Hadamard type near infinity ...
    • Deformation invariance of rational pairs 

      Erickson, Lindsay
      Rational pairs, recently introduced by Kollár and Kovács, generalize rational singularities to pairs (X,D). Here X is a normal variety and D is a reduced divisor on X. Integral to the definition of a rational pair is the ...
    • Deformations of Categories of Coherent Sheaves and Fourier-Mukai Transforms 

      Grigg, Nathan (2013-07-25)
      In modern algebraic geometry, an algebraic variety is often studied by way of its category of coherent sheaves or derived category. Recent work by Toda has shown that infinitesimal deformations of the category of coherent ...
    • Dual Equivalence Graphs and their Applications 

      Roberts, Austin
      In 2007 Sami Assaf introduced dual equivalence graphs as a method for demonstrating that a quasisymmetric function is Schur positive. The method involves the creation of a graph whose vertices are weighted by Ira Gessel's ...
    • Eigenvalue fluctuations for random regular graphs 

      Johnson, Tobias Lee
      One of the major themes of random matrix theory is that many asymptotic properties of traditionally studied distributions of random matrices are <italic>universal</italic>. We probe the edges of universality by studying ...
    • Eigenvalue Fluctuations of Random Matrices beyond the Gaussian Universality Class 

      Paquette, Elliot (2013-11-14)
      The goal of this thesis is to develop one of the threads of what is known in random matrix theory as universality, which essentially is that a large class of matrices generalizing the Gaussian matrices (certain Wigner ...
    • An electrodynamic inverse problem in chiral media 

      McDowall, Stephen R., 1969- (1998)
      We consider the inverse problem of determining the electromagnetic material parameters of a body from information obtainable only at the boundary of the body; such information comes in the form of a boundary map which we ...
    • Elliptic Inverse Problems 

      Yang, Yang
      Inverse problems arise in various areas of science and engineering including medical imaging, computer vision, geophysics, solid mechanics, astronomy, and so forth. A wide range of these problems involve elliptic operators. ...
    • Essential spanning forests and electric networks in groups 

      Solomyak, Margarita (1997)
      Let $\Gamma$ be a Cayley graph of a finitely generated group G. Subgraphs which contain all vertices of $\Gamma ,$ have no cycles, and no finite connected components are called essential spanning forests. The set ${\cal ...
    • Estimating Norms of Matrix Functions using Numerical Ranges 

      Choi, Daeshik (2013-11-14)
      We study Crouzeix's conjecture: for any polynomial p and any square matrix A, the spectral norm of the matrix p(A) is at most double of the supremum norm of the polynomial p on the numerical range of the matrix A.
    • Finite-Difference Methods for Second-Order Wave Equations with Reduced Dispersion Errors 

      An, Yajun
      Finite Difference (FD) schemes have been used widely in computing approximations for partial differential equations for wave propagation, as they are simple, flexible and robust. However, even for stable and accurate ...
    • Finite-Difference Methods for the Wave Equation with Reduced Dispersion Errors 

      An, Yajun (2013-04-17)
      A new methodology was proposed in Finkelstein and Kastner (2007,2008) to derive finite-difference (FD) schemes in the joint time-space domain to reduce dispersion error. The key idea is that the true dispersion relation ...
    • Formal group laws and hypergraph colorings 

      Taylor, Jair Patrick
      This thesis demonstrates a connection between formal group laws and chromatic symmetric functions of hypergraphs, two seemingly unrelated topics in the theory of symmetric functions. A formal group law is a symmetric ...
    • Four Problems in Probability and Optimization 

      Pfeiffer, James (2014-02-24)
      This thesis studies bootstrap percolation, a problem in probability, as well as several topics in the application of sums of squares to combinatorial optimization. In the chapter on percolation, we bound the critical ...
    • A Geometric Perspective on First-Passage Competition 

      Blair-Stahn, Nathaniel Deveroux (2013-04-17)
      We study the macroscopic geometry of first-passage competition on the integer lattice <bold>Z</bold><super>d</super>, with a particular interest in describing the behavior when one species initially occupies the exterior ...
    • Geometry and Optimization of Relative Arbitrage 

      Wong, Ting Kam Leonard
      This thesis is devoted to the mathematics of volatility harvesting, the idea that extra portfolio growth may be created by systematic rebalancing. First developed by E. R. Fernholz in the late 90s and the early 2000s, ...
    • Graded group schemes 

      Aponte Roman, Camil Ivette
      We define graded group schemes and graded group varieties and develop their theory. We give a generalization of the result that connected graded bialgebras are graded Hopf algebra. Our result is given for a broader class ...
    • Grothendieck Duality on Diagrams of Schemes 

      Clenaghan, Graham John
      The Du Bois complex and Du Bois singularities, which extend results of Hodge theory to singular complex varieties, can be defined in terms of a cubical hyperresolution. In this dissertation I further develop the language ...
    • The Grothendieck Groups of Module Categories over Coherent Algebras 

      Sisodia, Gautam
      Let <italic>k</italic> be a field and <italic>B</italic> either a finitely generated free <italic>k</italic>-algebra, or a regular <italic>k</italic>-algebra of global dimension two with at least three generators, generated ...
    • Heat Kernel Estimates for Markov Processes Associated with Time-Dependent Dirichlet Forms 

      Wang, Hanchao
      In this paper, time-inhomogeneous stable-like processes are investigated. We establish the relation between the transition operators and time-dependent parabolic equations, as well as upper heat kernel estimates.