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  • Wolcott, Frank Lucas (2012-09-13)
    We investigate the subcategories and Bousfield lattices of derived categories of general commutative rings, extending previous work done under a Noetherian hypothesis. Maps between rings R → S induce adjoint functors between ...
  • Tittelfitz, Justin Jeffrey (2013-11-14)
    We investigate the problem of recovering the initial displacement f for a solution u of a linear, isotropic, non-homogeneous elastic wave equation, given measurements of u on [0, T ] × boundary of Omega, where Omega in R3 ...
  • Slivken, Erik Dustin
    In this thesis we present three problems. The first problem is to find a good description of the number of fixed points of a 231-avoiding permutation. We use a bijection from Dyck paths to 231-avoiding permutations that ...
  • Dochtermann, Anton, 1978- (2007)
    In this thesis we consider topological aspects of graph homomorphisms. Our main object of study is the Hom complex of graphs, a space first introduced by Lovasz to obtain lower bounds on chromatic number, and more recently ...
  • Chiecchio, Alberto
    In this thesis we do the first steps towards a non-Q-Gorenstein Minimal Model Program. We extensively study non-Q-factorial singularities, using the techniques introduced by [dFH09]. We introduce a new class of singularities, ...
  • Kirson, Antonio (2010)
    An automorphism $\sigma$ of a projective variety $X$ is said to be \textit{wild} if $\sigma(Y)\neq Y$ for every non-empty subvariety $Y\subsetneq X$. In MR2227726 Z. Reichstein, D. Rogalski, and J.J. Zhang conjectured that ...

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