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    • Grothendieck Duality on Diagrams of Schemes 

      Clenaghan, Graham John
      The Du Bois complex and Du Bois singularities, which extend results of Hodge theory to singular complex varieties, can be defined in terms of a cubical hyperresolution. In this dissertation I further develop the language ...
    • Results on singularities of pairs 

      Prelli, Lorenzo
      Singularities of algebraic varieties have been studied extensively, and recently also the properties of singularities of pairs have been investigated. This thesis presents several results on singularities of different kinds ...
    • Towards a non-Q-Gorenstein Minimal Model Program 

      Chiecchio, Alberto
      In this thesis we do the first steps towards a non-Q-Gorenstein Minimal Model Program. We extensively study non-Q-factorial singularities, using the techniques introduced by [dFH09]. We introduce a new class of singularities, ...