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    • Conformal welding of uniform random trees 

      Barnes, Joel
      A conformally balanced tree is an embedding of a given planar map into the plane with constraints on the harmonic measure of its edges such that the resulting set is unique up to scale and rotation. Bishop (2013) showed ...
    • The regularity of Loewner curves 

      Tran, Huy Vo
      The Loewner differential equation, a classical tool that has attracted recent attention due to Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE), provides a unique way of encoding a simple 2-dimensional curve into a continuous 1-dimensional ...
    • Smoothness of Loewner Slits 

      Wong, Chun Wai Carto (2013-02-25)
      In this dissertation, we show that the chordal Loewner differential equation with C^{beta} driving function generates a C^{beta + 1/2} slit for 1/2 < beta <= 2, except when beta = 3/2 the slit is only proved to be weakly C^{1,1}.