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    • Wake Characterization of a Cross-Flow Turbine 

      Haegele, Chase
      A cross-flow turbine wake is analyzed to better understand how these turbines affect the flow field in their immediate vicinity. Mean velocity, turbulence intensity, coherent turbulent kinetic energy, and Reynolds shear ...
    • Walking mode classification through myoelectric and inertial sensors for transtibial amputees 

      Miller, Jason Daniel (2012-09-13)
      Myoelectric algorithms have the potential to provide motion intent information to a prosthetic system to allow the prosthetic to adapt biomimetically to changes in walking modality. While myoelectric algorithms have been ...
    • Wavelet techniques for chaotic and fractal dynamics 

      Constantine, William L. B (1999)
      A novel wavelet based denoising technique is developed and shown to be more effective on average than waveshrink in denoising contaminated chaotic signals. A chaotic beam experiment is used to verify its effectiveness.Correlation ...