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    • Electrokinetic Locomotion 

      Moran, Jeffrey Lawrence (2013-07-25)
      The past decade has seen the rapid development of synthetic particles capable of propelling themselves at the micro- and nanometer scale through aqueous media. Several groundbreaking experiments have shown these so-called ...
    • Electrowetting Liquid Lens Oscillations for Optical Applications 

      Schipf, David
      The ability to modulate the phase of a transmitted beam over space and time is valuable in optical systems. Adaptive optics systems, such as retina imaging systems, can require dynamic wavefront correction and shaping of ...
    • Separative magnetization transport: theory, model, and experiment 

      Picone, Rico
      We present a theoretical framework for modeling the transport of any number of globally con- served quantities, in any spatial configuration, and apply it to obtain a model of magnetization transport for spin-systems with ...