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      Activated-Induced Deaminase; Cancer; Cell Cycle; Immunoglobulin Gene Diversification; Mutagenesis; Spatialtemporal Regulation [1]
      adaptation [1]
      Adult Neurogenesis; Cell Signaling; ERK5 MAPK; Learning & Memory; Neural Stem Cells; Olfaction [1]
      Aging [3]
      aging [1]
      Aging; calorie restriction; cerevisiae; chronological lifespan; replicative lifespan; telomeres [1]
      Aging; Cellular stress; Dietary restriction; Lifespan; Longevity; Yeast [1]
      aging; dietary restriction; evolution; worms; yeast [1]
      Aging; LARP; Lifespan; Mitochondrial dysfunction [1]
      Airway Epithelial Cells; Asthma; Cockroach Allergen; GM-CSF [1]
      alkyltransferase; computational design; directed evolution; enzymes; esterase [1]
      Androgen Deprivation Therapy; Androgen pathway-independent prostate cancer; Androgen Receptor; Fibroblast growth factor 8; Inhibitor of DNA Binding 1; PPP2R2C [1]
      Aneuploidy; Cell wall; Colony morphology; Copy-number variation; Multicellular; Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
      Ankyrin Repeat Protein [1]
      Anoxia; C. elegans; Glycogen; Hypoxia; Ischemia; Survival [1]
      Antibody Maturation; Biophysics; HIV; Structual Biology; Vaccine Design; Virology [1]
      antibody microarray; biomarkers; early detection; pancreas cancer [1]
      antimutator; DNA polymerase; DNA replication; Dun1; error extinction; mutator phenotye [1]
      Apical-Basal Polarity; DLG5; Hippo; Hippo Pathway; LATS; MST [1]
      APOBEC3; host-pathogen interactions; human immunodeficiency virus; innate immunity; lentivirus; virus evolution and host adaptation [1]