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    • Task-Based Variability in Children's Singing Accuracy 

      Nichols, Bryan Edwin (2013-07-25)
      The purpose of this study was to explore task-based variability in children's singing accuracy performance. The research questions were: Does children's singing accuracy vary based on the nature of the singing assessment ...
    • Things Hoped For, Things Unseen 

      Lo, Shih-Wei (2013-07-25)
      <italic>Things Hoped For, Things Unseen</italic> is a new-media performance for amplified harp, electronic music, and projected video. It was commissioned by the principle harpist of the National Symphony Orchestra in ...
    • Three Analytical Essays on Music from the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries 

      Englander, Samantha (2012-09-13)
      No Abstract Submitted
    • Tonal Composition in Multidimensional Virtual Realms 

      Lin, Bennett Samuel (2013-07-25)
      The increasing prevalence of touchscreen mobile devices and multiplayer online worlds allows for a new theory of tonal composition in which voice-leading graphs are mapped onto the two- and three-dimensional physical spaces ...
    • Tonal unity and quality of motion: a Schenkerian study 

      Lehmann, Kennett (1998)
      The subject of this study is quality of motion in tonal music as viewed from the structural perspective of Schenkerian tonal theory.The Schenkerian concept of composing-out is identified as the primary basis of quality of ...
    • Trumpet Mouthpiece Backbores: An Investigation of Interior Volume and Timbre 

      Frost, Matthew Russell (2014-04-30)
      In the trumpet playing community, the total interior volume of the trumpet mouthpiece backbore is generally thought to be a major component in the timbre a trumpet produces. Generally, a backbore with a larger interior ...
    • Two chamber operas 

      Asplund, Christian T (1998)
      A Girl's Body at Crepuscule and The Open Curtain are chamber operas composed for the first two productions of Seattle Experimental Opera in 1994. A Girl's Body is scored for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and flute and is a ...
    • The Unpublished Songs of Ivor Gurney 

      Neuville, Eric Timothy
      During his lifetime, English composer Ivor Gurney wrote nearly 300 art songs. To date, only 100 of these songs have been published. This dissertation surveys the remaining unpublished manuscripts and identifies five as ...
    • Verismo in Italian Art Song: A Comparative Analysis of Veristic Literature, Opera and Art Song 

      Brooke, William Seth
      Verismo in Italian art song is examined through the application of seven primary characteristics, which are identified as the defining tenets of verismo in Italian literature and opera. These seven characteristics are: ...
    • Verismo in the works of Gian Carlo Menotti: a comparison with late nineteenth-century Italian opera 

      Chacon, Victor (1991)
      The Medium, The Consul, and The Saint of Bleecker Street by Menotti attest to a continuation of the verismo strain observed in certain late-nineteenth-century operas, especially Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. The study ...
    • Visual and Aural Modes of Perception in Choral Performance Evaluations 

      Selvey, Jeremiah David
      A live musical performance is influenced by both the visual and aural information associated with that performance. A growing body of literature has demonstrated that the experience of a live musical performance is largely ...
    • With the power of soul: Jimi Hendrix in Band of Gypsys 

      Hanford, John Cavanaugh (2003)
      Jimi Hendrix's work in Band of Gypsys marked an important stage in his later, post-Experience career. The live recording of Band of Gypsys is a showcase for Hendrix's skills as an improviser and live performing artist. ...