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      30-Day Readmission; Clinic Follow-Up; Discharge Instruction; Discharge Planning; Phone Call Management; Wound Care [1]
      A1c; Africa; autoantibodies; immigrants; pediatrics; type 1 diabetes [1]
      Acculturation; BMI; Body Image; Hispanic women; Menopause; Physical activity [1]
      Adolescents; development; Diabetes; independence; Normalizing; Pediatrics [1]
      Adolescents; HIV; Kenya; Nyanza Province; Prevention [1]
      adult attachment style; communication; conflict; nursing [1]
      Adult family home; Aging in place; Gerontology; Nursing; Pain assessment; Telehealth [1]
      adverse childhood experience; child maltreatment; children of alcoholics; Korean alcoholic family [1]
      adverse childhood experiences; Foster care; foster care abuse; psychological distress; psychosocial well-being; sense of coherence [1]
      aEEG; brain function; neonatal; opioid; premature [1]
      Africa; HIV; Implementation Science; PMTCT; Quality Improvement; Systems Analysis [1]
      African American Women; HIV prevention; Intergenerational Dialogue; Sexual Health [1]
      African Americans; antiretroviral therapy; HIV; medication adherence; women [1]
      Aging [2]
      aging; Chinese; culture; elderly; sleep patterns; social environment [1]
      aging; frailty; functional status; latent class growth model; longitudinal; women's health [1]
      Aging; Nature; Osteoarthritis; Outdoors; Pain [1]
      assessment; communication; interprofessional education; pre-licensure; TeamSTEPPS; teamwork [1]
      Asthma; Pediatrics; Written Asthma Action Plan [1]
      Attitudes to aging; Pre-and post- immigration; Successful aging [1]