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    • A Geophysical Investigation of the Arctic Sea Ice Surface 

      Webster, Melinda Anne
      The oldest records of the Arctic sea ice pack illustrate a frozen, yet dynamic icescape composed of hummocks and weathered ridges draped in thick snow. In recent decades, the effects of climate change have transformed this ...
    • Landfast Ice Breakup Timing and Processes Along the Alaska Beaufort Sea Coast 

      Bell, Caroline Bladen
      The record minimum in the extent of drifting sea ice on the Arctic Ocean was set in 2012, and the ten lowest retreats of summer sea ice were observed in the last decade. In this thesis we investigate whether there have ...
    • Microbial Evolution In Sea Ice: Communities To Genes 

      Collins, Roy E (2009-12-15)
      Microbial communities encased in growing sea ice must contend with the combined stresses of low temperature and high salinity, environmental pressures that only intensify over the course of the winter. This harsh physical ...