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    • The Aesthetic Appreciation of Ruins 

      Scarbrough, Elizabeth Anne
      It is the goal of my dissertation to explain our peculiar aesthetic fascination with architectural ruins and to show why ruins are worthy of our time and aesthetic appreciation. I propose a model of aesthetic appreciation ...
    • Toward a linguistic conception of thought 

      Stenberg, Benjamin J (2006)
      The traditional, and still most common, view of the relationship between language and thought is that language is merely a tool for expressing thoughts. I argue that this view is mistaken and that language is the very thing ...
    • Troubling Others and Tormenting Ourselves: The Nature and Moral Significance of Jealousy 

      Fredericks, Rachel (2013-02-25)
      Jealousy is an emotion that arises in diverse circumstances and is experienced in phenomenologically diverse ways. In part because of this diversity, evaluations of jealous subjects tend to be conflicting and ambiguous. ...