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    • Facing the Genocidal Present 

      Covarrubias Cabeza, Julio
      This dissertation argues that genocide, in settler colonies like the US, is a processual and structural condition, not an event; one that does not require genocidal intent, since genocide is the background hum—the rhythm—that ...
    • A Leap into Darkness: Domination and the Normative Structure of International Politics 

      Smith, Patrick Taylor (2013-11-14)
      Philosophers have developed sophisticated theories of domestic legitimacy that discuss how a coercive state could be justified to its citizens. Yet, theorizing about global justice is characterized by a pervasive methodological ...
    • The Normative Dimensions of State Action 

      Kaufman, Mitchell Tulley
      States tend to be the centerpiece of International Relations theory, as they are commonly considered the primary actors of international relations. As such, states are commonly analyzed as intentional beings that act on ...