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    • A Relational Account of Exploitation in Clinical Research 

      Awan, Fareed Anwar
      Exploitation is an important concept in moral and political philosophy. There is an increasing focus on exploitation as an important concept that limits how clinical research is conducted. Yet, there is disagreement at ...
    • Immigrant Oppression and Social Justice 

      Reed-Sandoval, Amy Jennifer
      My dissertation provides a partial response to the question of what is owed by states to undocumented migrants in their territory. According to one prominent philosophical position, long-term undocumented migrants should ...
    • The Resurrection of Radical Pacifism: A Defense 

      Hereth, Stephen Blake
      Within the ethics of self-defense, the predominant view is that there are liability justifications for harming. A minority position, which I call radical pacifism, denies that there are liability justifications for harming. ...