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      Academic Achievement; Externalizing Behaviors; Measurement Invariance; Parenting; Path Analysis; Substance Use [1]
      Acculturation; Adolescent Development; Culture; Family; Latino; Substance Use Development [1]
      acculturation; alcohol; Asian American; college student; Pacific Islander; protective strategies [1]
      Acculturation; Asian American; Culture; Intimate Partner Violence; Loss of face; Risk Perception [1]
      Achievement goal orientation; Anxiety; Motivational climate; Self-esteem; Sport; Youth [1]
      action; goal understanding; infants; preference [1]
      Additivity; Brain; ERP; Language; P300; P600 [1]
      ADHD; college; dialectical behavior therapy; mindfulness; skills training [1]
      adoption; biting; declaw; euthanasia; Felis catus; onychectomy [1]
      affect; attitudes; implicit attitude; implicit identity; mere exposure; perceptual fluency [1]
      Agency; Collaboration; Credit; Fairness; Human-Robot Interaction; Social Robot [1]
      Aggression; Development; Macaque; Personality; Social Behavior; Temperament [1]
      Alcohol and other drug use; Distress tolerance; Mindfulness; Treatment [1]
      Alcohol Expectancies; Alcohol Use; Incapacitated Sex; Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies; Sexual Assault; Women [1]
      alcohol intoxication; ethnic identity; risk perception; sexual risk [1]
      Alcohol; Asian American; Coping; Stress; Treatment [1]
      Alcohol; Asian Americans; Culture; Disclosure; Ethnicity; Sexual Assault [1]
      alcohol; brief intervention; college students; normative feedback; sojourner adjustment; study abroad [1]
      alcohol; brief interventions; college students; defensiveness; mandated students [1]
      Alcohol; Dissociation; Intoxication; Sexual Activity; Sexual Arousal [1]