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      Ecology [2]
      Effortful Control; ERP; Executive Attention; Income; Inhibitory Control [1]
      Effortful Control; Longitudinal growth; Preschool; Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia [1]
      emotion regulation; interpersonal violence; parenting; Posttraumatic stress [1]
      emotion understanding; social cognition; trait attribution [1]
      Environmental studies [1]
      Experimental psychology [3]
      Externalizing Behaviors; Impulse Control; Sensation Seeking; Substance Use; Zero Inflation [1]
      Face perception; Gaydar; Impression formation; Person perception; Sexual orientation; Snap judgments [1]
      female offenders; HIV; intimate relationships; PTSD; sexual risk taking; structural equation modeling [1]
      foraging; periaqueductal grey; risk [1]
      fragmentation; Intrusion; Memory; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; PTSD; Retrieval-induced forgetting [1]
      freely behaving; in vivo electrophysiology; Lateral Habenula; Neural recordings; Rat; reward prediction error [1]
      gender; science and technology education; self-perception; self-prototype matching; stereotypes [1]
      generosity; prosocial behavior; reputation; social cognitive development [1]
      Health sciences [1]
      Heart Rate Variability; Mindfulness; Psychophysiology; Substance Use; Thought Suppression [1]
      HIV positive; HIV prevention; Latino/Hispanic; men who have sex with men (MSM); risk factors [1]
      HIV; men who have sex with men; pornography; sexually explicit media; sexual risk-taking [1]
      inhibition; posttraumatic stress disorder; prolonged exposure; sertraline [1]