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      ABCG2; breast cancer resistance protein; fetal drug exposure; glyburide; obstetric pharmacology; placental drug transport [1]
      acute kidney injury; association; genetic; hematopoietic stem cell transplant; polymorphism [1]
      adenoma; colorectal; HPFS; LKB1; NHS; STK11 [1]
      advocacy; congenital hypothyroidism; false positive; newborn screening; parents; public health genetics [1]
      Aggregation; components; Familial; genetics; Metabolic Syndrome [1]
      Alaska Native; American Indian; Responsive Justice; Vitamin D; Warfarin [1]
      Allostasis; Interdisciplinary; Public Health Genetics; Stress [1]
      Animal diseases [1]
      Autism; Genetic Testing; Guidelines; Microarray [1]
      Behavioral sciences [1]
      Biobank; Bioethics; Health learning system; Policy; Trust [1]
      Biobank; Biorepository; Ethics; Genetics; Policy; Research [1]
      Bioethics; Down syndrome; Health education; Mass media; Prenatal Diagnosis; Qualitative Research [1]
      bioinformatics; ENCODE; genetic epidemiology; GWAS; research recruitment; transethnic [1]
      bleeding risk; gene-environment interactions; pharmacogenetics; warfarin [1]
      Cancer registry; CLIA; genetic research; Lynch syndrome; Policy; Return of Results [1]
      Coffee; Gene-Environment interactions; NSAID's; Parkinson's Disease; PON region; Smoking [1]
      Communication [1]
      Community Engagement; Environmental Embodiment; Environmental Toxicants; Epigenetics; Interdisciplinary Investigation; Public Scholarship [1]
      Cost Utility; Decision Modeling; EML4-ALK; genomic testing; Lung cancer; Personalized Medicine [1]