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      Child abuse and neglect; Childhood Adversity; impact of maltreatment on adult functioning; Long term consequences of childhood adversity; maltreatment and positive adult functioning; School Bonding (high school) [1]
      Child Maltreatment; Cycle of Violence; Dating Violence; Meta-Analysis [1]
      Child welfare; Content analysis; Courts; Neglect; Parental rights; Termination [1]
      child welfare; family; foster care; poverty; stress; well-being [1]
      Chinatowns; historical; marginalization; red-light districts; sociospatial; spatial [1]
      community intervention; healthy youth development; longitudinal studies; protective factors; universal prevention; youth problem behaviors [1]
      coordination; multidisciplinary teams; rape; service delivery; sexual assault; violence [1]
      Criminology [1]
      critical discourse analysis; primary prevention; teen dating violence; young adult literature [1]
      detention; gender non-conforming; juvenile justice; lgbtq youth; new york; youth organizing [1]
      Developmental psychology [1]
      evidence-based practice; health services; implementation; qualitative; safety net [1]
      Family Capital; Intergenerational Social & Economic Mobility; Investments; Transitions to Adulthood; Young Adults [1]
      Future Orientation; Longitudinal; Mixed-Methods; Prevention/Promotion; Risk Behavior; Urban Youth [1]
      Gang Membership; Media; Policy; Race; Risk Factors; Stereotypes [1]
      Gender studies [1]
      Gerontology [1]
      GLBT studies [1]
      grounded theory; inequality; migrant worker; resistance; strengths; Taiwan [1]
      Grounded Theory; Posttraumatic Growth; Qualitative Research; Resilience; Trauma; Well-Being [1]