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  • Volfovsky, Alexander (2013-11-14)
    We present results for testing and estimation in the context of separable covariance models. We concentrate on two types of data: relational data and cross-classified data. Relational data is frequently represented by a ...
  • Maravina, Tatiana A. (2013-04-17)
    At the present time there is no well accepted test for comparing least squares and robust linear regression coefficient estimates. To fill this gap we propose and demonstrate the efficacy of two Wald-like statistical tests ...
  • Gerard, David C.
    We present novel methods and new theory in the statistical analysis of tensor-valued data. A tensor is a multidimensional array. When data come in the form of a tensor, special methods and models are required to capture ...
  • Newton, Michael A. (Michael Abbott), 1964- (1991)
    The method of bootstrapping, which has transformed the theory and practice of frequentist statistical inference, is applicable within the Bayesian paradigm. Rather than simulating data that might have been observed, this ...

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