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    • Zoning in Seattle 

      Wettstein, Lily; Sawyer, Katlyn (2018-05-17)
      This poster discusses the history of multifamily and single family home zoning in Seattle since 1923 when the zoning of the city began. This poster uses historical maps of the city as well as a current map of zoning as it ...
    • Topography Changes of the University of Washington Bothell Campus 

      Darwish-Elhaji, Safaa; Yang, Mingyou (2018-05-17)
      The City of Bothell provided historical topographical data of the University of Washington Bothell (UWB) campus for this group to analyze the changing landscape and elevation of the area. This poster analyzes topographical ...
    • Stronger Communities, Healthier People 

      Paine, Thomas (2018-05-17)
      This poster looks at a suitability model, using ArcGIS Pro, for identifying the best places for community gardens. These gardens will be built on community members’ front lawns so that they can be readily available, ...
    • Rental Real Estate for Commuters 

      Higgins, Mitchell (2018-05-17)
      Western Washington residents near the Seattle metropolitan area are running out of living options, and major cities near the Puget Sound are where many major employers are located. These employers were identified as Microsoft ...
    • China Linpan Landscape Ecology Assessment 

      Xu, Fengyi (2018-05-17)
      This study focuses on a unique agricultural landscape in Southwest China called Linpan. It has been used by the local residents for thousands of years and has been utilized for its high food productivity and high resiliency. ...
    • Opportunity Index - King & Pierce Counties 

      Acosta, Marvin (2018-05-17)
      This poster examines the differences in the geography of opportunity between two major counties, King County and Pierce County, both located in Washington State. There are increasing rates of movement of individuals ...
    • Transit Oriented Development in the Palm Beaches 

      Albee, Samuel Justice (2018-05-17)
      With the creation of the new Coastal Link Tri-Rail extension in South Florida, there is a large opportunity for the region to utilize space more efficiently and equitably. This project uses suitability analysis and GIS to ...
    • Remote Sensing 

      Barton, Ivan (2018-05-17)
      The first Sentinel-2 satellite was sent to orbit in 2015 as part of the European Copernicus program. It provides free, high resolution Earth observation data on global scale, collecting an incredible amount of data (1.6 ...
    • Slides of 2018 UW GIS Symposium Lightning Talk Presentations 

      Albertson, Ellie; Peterson, Hanna; Buschman, Victoria; Laidre, Kristin; Monroe, Michael; Parsons, Matthew; Flynn, Kian; Logsdon, Miles; Gaolach, Collene (2018-05-17)
      PowerPoint slides from the 2018 UW GIS Symposium Lightning Talk presentations on May 17, 2018.
    • Proceedings of the Second Annual UW GIS Symposium, May 17, 2018 

      Parsons, Matthew; Flynn, Kian; Mundt, Madeline (2018-05-17)
      The 2nd Annual University of Washington (UW) GIS Symposium was held on May 17, 2018 in the University of Washington Libraries’ Research Commons, an interdisciplinary space devoted to highlighting student research. This ...
    • Kenyan public librarians’ role in mobile-centric information access 

      Wedlake, Stacey; Lothian, Karah (2018-05-22)
      Mobile phones and smartphones have become the entry point to the internet for billions of people around the world. In these mobile-centric contexts, accessibility, manifestation of social ecosystems, and the affordances ...
    • Battles for School Choice 

      Thatcher, Anthony (2018)
      Education is widely regarded as one of the most critical aspects of society with great potential when successful and dire consequences when neglected. How to best arrange and manage a national education system is fought ...
    • Mediating Residents' Trust in Police Through Collective Efficacy Processes 

      Guidry, Shelby (2018)
      Urban area neighborhoods are no stranger to the vastly changing economic and social structures that persist in their communities; in principle and in practice, in the United States, a residents’ place matters. The purpose ...
    • “Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes” What Washington State Law is Not Talking About 

      Sadler, Sabrina R. (2018)
      The term “child grooming” describes a pattern of behaviors used by child sex offenders to gain access to, and control of, a child victim in order to build a sexual relationship with that child. Washington State law does ...
    • Pollution from Container Ships in the Port of Seattle: Can Voluntary Shore Power Use Clear the Air? 

      Orr, William (2018)
      International trade is dominated by the maritime shipping industry. Transportation of goods and raw materials is a key component of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The World Bank Group reported in 2003 ...
    • Protecting Elders: A Case Study of Elder Exploitation and Self-Neglect 

      MacCaul, Cathleen (2018)
      Elder financial exploitation and self-neglect are the two most reported incidences of elder abuse reported to Washington State's Adult Protective Services. This capstone explores the evolving procedural and legislative ...
    • A GIS-based Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Disaster Vulnerability in an Urban Space 

      Hanai, Shibuki (2018)
      The notions of resilience and vulnerability are rapidly gaining ground in the urban sustainability and planning literature. The series of recent natural disasters around the world such as earthquakes, tsunami, and hurricanes, ...
    • College of Forest Resources Graduation Program 

      SEFS Student Services (1998-06-13)
    • Funding Urban Conservation: A Study of Bothell’s Wayne Park 

      Deakins, Christin (2018)
      This research report was created to support the City of Bothell’s current decision-making process in the Wayne Park conversion project. In December 2017, the City of Bothell purchased Wayne Golf Course with the intention ...
    • College of Forest Resources Graduation Program 

      SEFS Student Services (1997-06-14)