Bhāvaviveka's Prajnāpradīpa: six chapters

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Bhāvaviveka's Prajnāpradīpa: six chapters

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Title: Bhāvaviveka's Prajnāpradīpa: six chapters
Author: Ames, William Longstreet
Abstract: This dissertation contains an English translation of chapters three, four, five, seventeen, twenty-three, and twenty-six of Bhavaviveka's Prajnaprad(')ipa, as well as an edition of the Tibetan text. The Prajnaprad(')ipa is Bhavaviveka's commentary on the fundamental text of the Madhyamaka school of Buddhist philosophy, Nagarjuna's Mula-madhyamaka-karikas. The edition is based on the Peking, Narthang, Derge, and Cone editions of the Bstan 'gyur. For both the translation and the edition, extensive use was made of Avalokitavrata's subcommentary. The dissertation also contains three introductory chapters, which deal with Bhavaviveka's works, his place in the history of the Madhyamaka, and related matters.
Description: Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Washington, 1986

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