Beyond Verse and Chorus: Experimental Formal Structures in Post-Millennial Rock Music

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Beyond Verse and Chorus: Experimental Formal Structures in Post-Millennial Rock Music

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Title: Beyond Verse and Chorus: Experimental Formal Structures in Post-Millennial Rock Music
Author: Osborn, Brad
Abstract: Rock songs are generally considered formally simplistic, based around alternation of verse and chorus, the latter functioning as the song’s selling point—an easily identifiable advertisement for the song-as-commodity. However, many rock songs composed in the last ten to fifteen years are not structured in this way. Pieces composed by artists in the genres known as “post-rock,” “art rock,” “math-metal,” and “neo-prog” often feature forms that, instead of treating a repeated chorus as the dramatic high point, emphasize a single moment of climactic material at the end; and some present new material from beginning to end, resulting in an entirely through-composed formal structure. This dissertation explores the link between these post-millennial experimental rock genres and the experimental song forms used by artists in those genres. Chapter One includes a literature review, identifies a mode of thought I call the “Verse/Chorus Paradigm,” and then presents a concise rock historiography that casts certain artists and genres on either side of that paradigm, either as conventional or experimental. In Chapter Two, I suggest revisionist theories of conventional rock form, present new models of climaxes and endings, and define experimental formal structures that will be used throughout the analyses in later chapters. “Terminally-Climactic Form”—a formal type I have identified throughout post-millennial rock music—is the topic of Chapter Three. In this form, a single moment of new material at the end acts as the song’s focal point, rather than the chorus, the de facto focal point in conventional rock. I construct archetypes and provide analyzed examples for three classifications of Terminally-Climactic Form: two-part, three-part, and extended. In Chapter Four, I explore the more radical departure from conventional rock forms made possible by through-composition. Toward this aim, I construct a genetic taxonomy of four through-composed types based on an analogy to formal alleles; just as in Chapter Three, each of these types is supported with analyzed examples from the post-millennial experimental rock corpus. My dissertation concludes by considering some formally ambiguous pieces, and suggests how my formal theories might be adapted to analysis of more familiar, conventional rock music.

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01 1.1 airbag intro.mp3 765.9Kb Unknown View/Open
02 1.2 paranoid android chorale.mp3 1.050Mb Unknown View/Open
Brad Osborn—Beyond Verse and Chorus.pdf 8.551Mb PDF View/Open Dissertation, full-text (.pdf)
03 1.3 cygnus groove.mp3 327.9Kb Unknown View/Open
04 2.1 truth rpc.mp3 741.4Kb Unknown View/Open
05 2.2 truth chorus.mp3 999.4Kb Unknown View/Open
06 2.3 black tie independent chorus.mp3 707.1Kb Unknown View/Open
07 2.4 knives out end verse.mp3 923.5Kb Unknown View/Open
08 2.5 table verse-dep outro.mp3 482.6Kb Unknown View/Open
09 3.1 Under the Bridge climax.mp3 765.1Kb Unknown View/Open
10 3.2 Duane Joseph Climax.mp3 852.4Kb Unknown View/Open
11 3.3 Rocks Tonic Climax.mp3 856.5Kb Unknown View/Open
12 3.4 hands down climax.mp3 2.227Mb Unknown View/Open
13 3.5 Seven Swans TC.mp3 650.0Kb Unknown View/Open
14 3.6 3 Libras Intro.mp3 863.9Kb Unknown View/Open
15 3.7 Freedom Tattoo.mp3 880.2Kb Unknown View/Open
16 3.8 Hooker With A Penis Hook B.mp3 451.6Kb Unknown View/Open
17 3.9 The Crane Wife Choruses.mp3 1.230Mb Unknown View/Open
18 3.10 Faust Arp intro.mp3 514.5Kb Unknown View/Open
19 3.11 Faust Arp chorus.mp3 403.5Kb Unknown View/Open
20 3.12 Faust Arp Climax.mp3 327.6Kb Unknown View/Open
21 3.13 Crowing verse intro.mp3 336.5Kb Unknown View/Open
22 3.14 Crowing bridges.mp3 1.248Mb Unknown View/Open
23 3.15 The Crowing Climax.mp3 800.2Kb Unknown View/Open
24 3.16 Pushit Verse groove.mp3 484.3Kb Unknown View/Open
25 3.17 Pushit change bass.mp3 454.9Kb Unknown View/Open
26 3.18 Pushit bass drums groove.mp3 417.3Kb Unknown View/Open
27 3.19 Pushit climactic section A.mp3 1.078Mb Unknown View/Open
28 3.20 Pushit climactic section C.mp3 1.542Mb Unknown View/Open
30 4.3 and 4.4 #..mp3 1.490Mb Unknown View/Open
31 4.5a Chinaberry Tree A melody.mp3 585.5Kb Unknown View/Open
32 4.5b Chinaberry Tree b melody.mp3 531.6Kb Unknown View/Open
33 4.6 all is full of love canon.mp3 694.1Kb Unknown View/Open
34 4.7 Back To Back 17_16.mp3 387.1Kb Unknown View/Open
35 4.8 Black-Tie Knife-Fight opening.mp3 636.9Kb Unknown View/Open
36 4.9a Dead In Magazines dark chorus.mp3 541.4Kb Unknown View/Open
37 4.9b Dead In Magazines bright chorus.mp3 761.0Kb Unknown View/Open
38 4.10 I Guess I'll Forget the Sound Climax.mp3 741.4Kb Unknown View/Open
39 4.11a The End Of An Era riff a.mp3 410.8Kb Unknown View/Open
40 4.11b The End Of An Era riff b.mp3 428.0Kb Unknown View/Open
41 4.12 The End Of An Era drums.mp3 1.118Mb Unknown View/Open
42 4.13 The End Of An Era climax.mp3 1.124Mb Unknown View/Open
29 4.1 and 4.2 Mean Time Till Failure.mp3 2.128Mb Unknown View/Open

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