The University of Washington Libraries collaborated with Anthropology Ph.D. student, Evi Sustrisno, who was conducting her field research on Chinese Indonesian Confucianism in Surabaya in 2010 when she gained access to an abandoned library in a Confucian temple – Boen Bio. The temple was founded in 1907 and had a collection of books and magazines in Chinese and Malay languages. During 1980s and 1990s Confucian practices were severely repressed under the Indonesian New Order regime, so these materials were hidden away in the corners of dark and humid storage rooms to avoid state confiscation. Due to climate conditions, biological pests, and lack of appropriate storage facilities, the collection was in great danger and in urgent need of preservation. This pilot project is part of a larger effort to identify materials in all known collections belonging to temples and private collections in four cities: Jakarta/Tangerang, Bandung, Solo, and Pontianak, where the Confucian communities during the period of 1900s to 1940s were vibrant. This collection consists of about 5,000 pages scanned from the collections of the Boen Bio temple and three other private collections in Surabaya.

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