The Ellison Center promotes in-depth interdisciplinary study of all major postcommunist subregions - Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltic region, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and Russia - in order to understand the legacies of the imperial and communist past as well as to analyze the emerging institutions and identities that will shape Eurasia's future. As a National Resource Center, The Ellison Center works to provide students, researchers, educators, policymakers, industry and the general public with a variety of resources on the diverse region we cover. We host expert talks on a variety of topics in our regions, we publish an original blog showcasing expertise from a wide range of disciplines focused on our areas, we vet and maintain lists of electronic resources from around the world, and we organize an annual regional conference, with publicly accessible archives of papers on our site. Additionally we offer specialized resources for P-20 educators. This is our digital library.


The Ellison Center is proud to announce Professor Katy Pearce of the University of Washington recently published her article “Divide and diffuse: Comparing digital divide and diffusion of innovations perspectives on mobile phone adoption,” in Sage Journals. Congratulations Katy!

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